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Just learned about this wonderful group in the Star Tribune this morning! So happy to hear there is a compline choir in the Twin Cities...and sorry I haven't known about it before now! I will be tuning in --or maybe showing up sometime to hear you in person! What a wonderful gift you are providing for the growing number of people who seek the serenity and quiet reflection that a compline service and choir provides.

-- Mary in St. Paul 09:52 09-25-2013

I was in the very first compline choir at CL in 1992. Such great memories.

-- Tim Eldred 00:35 01-09-2013

Blessings, gentlemen, on your wonderful ministry.
I'm sad to see no new releases since last season...have you ceased singing or recording?

-- Gary in Columbus 22:02 10-27-2012

I miss hearing you on WCAL and didn't realize until now that I could still hear you, here over the internet. Wonderful!!

Your music and text are truly beautiful!

-- Mike Solomonson, Minneapolis, MN 12:16 08-28-2012

I read the article in Metro Lutheran and have heard the choir on the radio in the past, WCAL. It now has a Bookmark on my computer for your web site to listen to you when time permits.

-- Bryan Finley, Northfield, MN 08:58 02-06-2012

You guys sound great.... the reverb at Assumption makes it even more atmospheric. Listening to 11/13/11 right now. Miss you all.

Michael Brown, St. Paul, MN

-- 10:37 11-21-2011

Very helpful to contemplative prayer. Thank you!

-- Abbot Victor, OSB - Phoenix, AZ 19:48 09-17-2011

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